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Washington Whisker Whisperers [Janesville, WI ROCKSTARS!]

I’ve always said, “if you can read, you can do anything.”  I’m dead serious when I say this.  Learning anything involves reading.  If someone says to me, “I don’t know how…” [to do something], my first response is, you know … Continue reading

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Pinteresty Christmas Set

And an absolutely perfect baby girl. DISCLAIMER!!! I do not photograph babies anymore. One exception…my friend’s perfect little peanut. So in this post I will share how to recreate this set so that others can take care of all the … Continue reading

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FAQ – How do you get that blurry background?

This post is for DSLRs only. If you google this question, you’ll get a lot of hits that tell you that you must get a “fast” lens.  What that mean is a lens with a big honkin’ aperture (f#).  This … Continue reading

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Hey-o!!! Remember me?

I’m still here!  Still going strong, still shooting…just sucking at blogging.  So I thought I’d toss an image of my own sweet little girl on this blog.  She doesn’t usually sit still long for pictures.  At least not with her … Continue reading

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Every guy needs a wingman.  A guy is SURE to succeed with Bubba as his wingman.   Seriously  tho.  Man’s best friend comes in any shape or size.  This little guy, tho a mere 10 pounds has the confidence and … Continue reading

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