Tammy [Big Fluffy Dog Rescue]

I had the privilege to help with adoption photos for this sweet Border Collie mix pup.  Her name is Tammy.  She LOVES other dogs and people.  From her bio, she loves cats a little TOO much.  She’s a high energy dog.  So she’ll need someone who can keep her physically and mentally active.

I met her and her foster human Mike today for a quick photo shoot out in the non-stop wind here in fabulous Wisconsin.  Here are some images from Tammy’s session.  If you are interested in her, she can be found on Pet Finder.


Come on…seriously?  Lookit her lips.  She’s ready for kisses.


Her ears flap around in the wind.  Its adorable.


She plays really well with her foster brother.


She clearly adores her foster human.


I adore her ears.


These two waited patiently for Mike to come back.


This image cracked me up.  Neener neener neeeeener!


Tammy would be a great addition to an active family!!  Even if and especially if you have another dog.  Good luck to you Tammy!!!  I hope you find your furever home soon and live happily ever after!!! ❤


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