Mylee – Boxer Mix


Mylee is a boxer mix.  I had the pleasure of meeting her this weekend.  She knows, sit, down, shake, high five and she didn’t jump on me not one time.  We took a walk down the street for a little photo shoot and she walked REEEEEEALLY really well.  Only pulled on the leash when she saw some kids that she wanted to say hi too.  She’s very friendly and pretty social!


She sports a pretty sweet French manicure too.  I love how her pinky toenail is black and the others are white.  She is a trend setter for real.


I never heard her bark once.  Not even with all the activity or other dogs around.


She is treat motivated, so if you have some treats…she’ll do as she’s asked.  She’s very smart and would do very well with additional patience and training.


This is her puppy face.  Her little ears were blowing in the wind.  It was adorable!!


Interested in lots of stuff, but not obsessively.  Nice even temperament.


With her black coat, she got warm in the sun pretty easily, even on a 70 degree day.  We made sure she stayed hydrated.  She appreciated that.

This is a little video of her adorable teeny tail wag.  I don’t condone docking tails or cropping ears.  But she came to us this way (tail docked, ears in tact), and we love her, itty bitty tail and all.  For more information, check out Mylee’s bio at

Many thanks to Lisa Arneson for her tireless help and care for the animals at the HSSW.  I couldn’t get these great images with out you!!!  XOXOXO


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