Saving Lives…One Dog at a Time

Today I participated in another “transport”.  See a quick video of the first one I participated in here – Hope on Wheels!!  What that means is, this group Starfish Animal Transport arranges the rescue of animals from high kill shelters down south and transports them up north where they’ll have a chance of being adopted instead of “euthanized”.  I have that in quotes because its not being “put to sleep” as we might think.  Its horrific and inhumane in my opinion and I’ll spare you that weight on your mind and in your heart.

This was a pretty large operation today.  TWO trucks filled with dogs (and a few cats) all hauled up from Hazard County Kentucky to meet with shelters & rescues up here who want and can help.  Its pretty amazing the effort everyone puts in to make this happen.  All people with day jobs, volunteering their time and hearts to help make a difference in these animal’s lives.

For so many dogs being in one area, every one of them seemed to know they were getting a second chance just as their time was running out and behaved so beautifully.  No aggression, just lots of sniffs and a few licks acknowledging their second chance.  One of the dogs we took for our shelter (HSSW) was scheduled to be “euthanized” yesterday, and got a second chance just in the nick of time.


This is Lucky waiting patiently in his kennel for us to pick him up.  The cool part about this operation is that there are many, many volunteers working their tails off (pun intended) to help these dogs.  They are all grouped by the organization that is picking them up.  They are all taken out to relieve themselves, fed and watered and given a little bit of walking time before they continue on their journeys.  There are people cleaning kennels once they are emptied out.  There are people dishing up food and water.  There are tiny puppies to be fed, like this little guy here…




The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin picked up eight dogs today.  One is pregnant, her name is Candice.  She’s in foster care till she has her puppies and they are old enough to be adopted.


You can tell that everyone working together in this operation LOVES these dogs so much.  If one of them is scared or seems to be having a hard time with all that is going on, they get special attention and lots of loves.





When Lucky got sprung from his kennel he seemed to know just exactly who made his second chance possible.  Clearly he is grateful.


This sweetheart is having a little treat while we wait to get everyone loaded up for the trip home.


Looky this face.  Come on?!!!!  She He (I believe) is going to make a WONDERFUL companion for someone (she’s he’s available for adoption at our shelter or will be very soon!!!).  This is FREDDY!!!  I think Freddy got his name changed to Melvin.


Millions of companion animals euthanized every year in the United States alone.  Always, ALWAYS consider adopting a shelter pet.  They are forever grateful and so full of love you’ll never regret it.

Want to help?  Every little bit counts.  There are so many ways to help.  Adopt, donate (money, blankets, towels, Kongs, toys, see our wish list), foster, volunteer, sponsor a pet,  SHARE this post, like us on FB, follow us on Pinterest….really every little bit helps.  Every time you share a post or a pin it pops up in your news feed and someone else sees it.  That someone might repin or share your post or send a check or drop off some necessities.  See how it works and how cool it is?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to read this and support our shelter.  Our staff, board of directors and volunteers appreciate every little and big way people support us.


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One Response to Saving Lives…One Dog at a Time

  1. Deb says:

    Thank you! Starfish Animal Rescue besides transporting thousands of dogs and cats to safety is a foster based rescue in the Chicagoland area! Thank you for partnering up with Starfish!

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