Snowball [Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin]

How such an adorable creature finds it’s way into our shelter is beyond me.  Sometimes, I run across an animal I just connect with.  This little guy and I just clicked.  I met him on Christmas day when I was helping out at the shelter.  He was sweet and brave and gentle and attentive.  I thought to myself, oh man, he’ll go fast!  He’s so cute and good.  There’s no way he’ll be here more than a day or two.  To my surprise, he’s still there over a week later.  So I knew it was time to take action.

Armed with my shelter photo assistant Lisa, off we went to do a special photo shoot with Snowball.  (I think his shelter name is hindering him getting noticed.  People you can change their names!  I think BUSTER would be good.  Or Otis.  🙂  )


I’ve spent a little time with this fella, and let me tell you this.  He IS sweet.  He doesn’t bark much.  He LOVES stuffed toys.  He likes to hold them in his mouth and show them to you.  I don’t know how he is with other animals, but I do know he is smart.  He would be extremely trainable.  He likes to go on walks, and since his coat is very short right now, he needs to wear a sweater or coat when he goes out.  He likes having clothes put on, and seems to know what to do (he doesn’t fight it).  I noticed he held his head down when I was taking his sweater off.  I asked him what was wrong?  Then I realized, he knew what was happening, and was making it easier for me to get his sweater off.  I on the other hand, didn’t realize how smart he was right off the bat.


He’s very attentive.  He likes conversation.  When you talk to him, he listens.  Probably THE most attentive dog I’ve ever photographed.


I couldn’t resist posting this shot.  Even tho its not really focused…it shows you how trusting and sweet this boy is.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  We have the BEST animals at the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.  Little Snowball is living proof.



Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin – See Snowball’s info here:


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One Response to Snowball [Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin]

  1. Vicki Ball says:

    Funny…we were talking bout names just the other day and I liked “Buster”…aka…Busta!

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