Competition [Janesville, WI Photographer]

Today as I was setting up my camera for this shoot, someone else was setting up HER camera and her shoot.  I can not tell you how cute I thought this was.  AND how good she was with her subject!  She laid down on the floor and did what it took to get the shot!  The part that really kills me is that her camera, actually records images!  SHUT UP!



She has EXCELLENT form.  She shot portrait, landscape…she took her time with her client.  She took a little break to make sure her subject’s hair was perfect.

The bottom right corner, is her “I nailed it!!” look.



I love the expressions these kids have.  The KILL me.  You just can’t help but caption them.   Like this one… I can totally hear him say, “uh…I don’t think so.”



Or this one…. “are you talkin’ to me?” in his best Robert DiNero voice.



Almost 50 degrees in January, allowed for a little outdoor fun –



Cutest little outfit.

How you likey the toofers??  Nice work!





Such cuties.  I can hardly stand it.  ❤


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