Winter Shoot – [Janesville, WI Photographer]

I’m taking an “Advanced Pro Photography” class with Brooke Snow.  Its a fantastic class!  I love it.  I’m learing soooooooooo much.  Aside from learning, I’m capturing some fantastic images!!  Here is a little handful from today.  Such a gorgeous family!!  I thank you guys so much for helping me with my assignment!!

I notice the little things in this photo.  The hand on top of Cooper’s head…alllllmost holding hands (paws)…both girls leaning in and loving on Coop.  The three of them seem like the best of buddies.  I love it.

Momma with her first born.  Two gorgeous girls.  No question there.

The whole fam on a sunny winter day.  Right out in their front yard.   Lucky!!

Next…this face.  This face stops me in my tracks.  She is a knock out already.  So dang pretty.  Smart and athletic too!

And girly girl!!!  Such a little fashionista at four!  WOW!

Ugh….those eyes.  🙂

Again, thank you for lending your gorgeous faces for my assignment.  Clearly I will ace this.  ❤


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Passionate about photography, digital imaging, scrapbooking, golf and loving about a million other things!
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One Response to Winter Shoot – [Janesville, WI Photographer]

  1. Vicki Ball says:

    Excellent Photos M – I will refer to this family as, “The family with the brillant eyes” that you captured sooooo well.

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