HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! [Janesville, WI Photographer]

I can’t believe a year has gone by already. I’ve been photographing this little one since she was brand spankin’ new. She is ONE TODAAAAY!! I was super jazzed to photograph her ON her birthday. That is a big deal to me. A true milestone.  Since Halloween was just a few days ago, we thought it appropriate to rock the bee costume one more time.   

Here this pretty little peanut is modeling Olive PhotoGraphics exclusive tutu and gumdrop hat. She liked it too. She watched it while she walked. Touched it so gently. She was all girly girl in this sparkly tutu handcrafted by the ever talented Kristen @ Miss Mouse Boutique.  You can just tell she knows she is beautiful, look at how she is holding her hands.

I signed up for a WordPress class later this month. I can not WAIT. I am hoping to create my very own custom blog. But as for right now….I can’t even make the words go where I want them to.

And last but not least PREZZIES!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!


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One Response to HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! [Janesville, WI Photographer]

  1. Vicki Ball says:

    Awwwwwwww, what a little cutie pie! And because I have watched her grow through your wonderful site, I have been waiting for these pictures! Excellent photos as always M….Sooooo very adorable Lauren is and I love the tutu! Fabulous shoot!!

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