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Such a handsome boy Dilly is.  He’s pretty popular too!  Most everyone in the neighborhood knows Dylan; people and pooches alike.  We took a little walkie around the neighborhood.  Lots of things to sniff, lots of friends to greet.  Here … Continue reading

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Mitch & Brianne

A sample of the mini shoot we had tonight in the wicked heat and humidity.  These two didn’t break a sweat.  I on the other hand…ugh.  Fun photo shoot with a very cute couple!!

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Well, since I’m still trying to learn this blogging thing, I figured I should at least post something.  This is a dinner the my husband and I made recently.  It was a huuuuuuuuuge joint effort.  Super delicious.

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Techno Savvy

I always thought I was… I guess I’m not.  I don’t know how to put a link up to my website on this blog.  Except for this way:

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New website is up and running!  I just published my very first website created by me.  Got it FTP’d, its up and running.  Woweeeeeee!  I am JAZZED!

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